Carmel Valley, San Diego, CA 92130 Condominium and Townhouse Housing Trends as of 04/16/2018

When comparing the most recent 6 month period with the same period last year, the median sale price increased 5.7%. There are currently 0.9 months of housing inventory. Recent market exposure median days: 6 and average days: 17. I anticipate that fewer than 90 days of marketing time will be required to sell properties if offered today. I consider the property value trends to be a reliable indicator of the direction of property values, but not necessarily an exact percentage due to disparate date in the market area.

Brian A. Ward
San Diego, CA Appraiser
(888) 844-1733
Real Estate Appraisal Services For:
* Estates
* Trusts
* Expert Witness Testimony
* Before Buying and/or Obtaining a Mortgage (critical)
* Before Selling
* Property Tax Appeals
* Intra-Family Home Purchases and Sales
* Bonds, Such as Bail Bonds
* More!

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